Consumer Protection Agency is a government agency established in accordance with Egyptian law No. 67 for the year 2006 and affiliated to the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade.

Terms of Reference 
  • Control the market and achieve safety in all commercial transactions 
  • Regulate the relationship between the merchant and the consumer 
  • Provide full protection to the consumer and to require each dealer to apply the terms of the law and only exposure to the exclusion of all penalties and fines approved by the Consumer Protection Act. 
  • Maintenance and protection of consumers and the interests of all parties in the market. 
  • Addressing any commercial corruption exposed to consumers, which achieves the required level of standard specifications for each product, which in turn grown level of services and local industries. 
  • Achieve the benefits of increased competitiveness in the face of foreign markets 
  • Contribute to the growth of the national economy 
  • Requiring merchants and consumers that the law is an important step towards a civilized raise the level of business transactions and achieve the protection and safety of the consumer and the dealer together.