Consumer Complaint Service:
Helps consumers know about their rights and obligations.


The hotline service was first activated for experimental purposes in some districts include diverse populations. the service was then extended gradually to all Cairo districts.Now the hotline service has been extended to serve all regions in the following Governorates: Cairo, Giza, and Qaliubiya.

Services offered through the Egyptian National Postal Authority:

A joint cooperation protocol has been signed by the CPA and the Egyptian National Postal Authority (ENPA) to offer free of charge complaint forms to consumers who wish to report any problems they face when buying a product. Consumers can write their complaints and send the form, free of postal charges, to the CPA.

Consumer complaints are now being received at Mohandessen Operations headquarters:

Walk in consumers can file their complaints in person at the consumer protection office located at : 96 Ahmed Orabi St., Mohandessen - Giza.

Website Complaint Filing System:
The purpose of this service is to facilitate complaint filing. Complaints received through the website are daily checked and examined so that a procedure may be taken in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and its Executive Regulations that were mainly enacted to protect consumers. Further consumer protection services will be offered through our constantly updated website.