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We intend to become pioneers in providing Egyptian consumer with international quality governmental service.


Consumer Cooperatives shops

Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade spares no efforts to regulate prices in the Egyptian markets through the Consumer Cooperatives’ shops found across the Republic, which provide goods, particularly food, at highly competitive prices. Such a pursuit aims to alleviate the burdens borne by citizens and fulfill consumers’ right in obtaining quality and affordable goods.

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The consumer has the right to be regularly updated with the latest information related to goods and services. To accomplish such a right, CPA conducts, in cooperation with concerned bodies, scientific studies tackling consumer concerns and right to safe and quality goods. 

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Warnings of defective goods

The consumer at the Egyptian market is occasionally surprised by a food product that threatens his/her health, or may be finds a defective car model; or could watch a misleading add that exploits his/ her urgent need. Therefore, CPA regularly provides warnings to protect consumers from such harmful incidents.  

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Guidance / Tips For Consumer

Consumer: A consumer is any person to whom a product is offered to satisfy his personal/family needs or with whom a contract is concluded to meet such end.

Supplier: Any person who offers a product/service or produces, exports, distributes, displays, circulates, trades, or concludes transactions in relation to a product for the purpose of offering to consumers or concluding in any way a contract/transaction in relation to such product.

Product Defect: Any deficiency in the value/avail of a product, depending on the purpose of such product, that totally or partially prevents consumers from getting the benefit for which this particular product was made. This applies to defects resultant from moving or storing the product, so long as the consumer is not responsible for its occurrence.


  • Make sure the source of the goods that you purchase and method of use, storage and validity own
  • Consider the warranty booklets and check the conditions and obligations and duties of the aftermarket
  • Do not buy goods of unknown origin
  • Do not trust verbal assurances, especially durable goods, or with prolonged use
  • Keep a bill of sale and warranty certificates
  • Examine the goods examination well and ensure their safety before leaving the shop


List of approved existing service centers all over the republic for Alcirbeih hardware maintenance and adaptations in order to ensure quality of work

How to File a Complaint?

In the beginning we recommend that you try to resolve the complaint amicably. In case you are unable to resolve the complaint amicably please go to the nearest Society for Consumer Protection to help resolve the complaint.

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