Making the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade great efforts in controlling markets and achieve safety in all commercial transactions, and therefore our efforts to regulate the relationship between the merchant and the consumer, which is still characterized by a balance in terms of the strength of each party in the context of an expanded system include the role of government apparatuses supervisory official different and also the role of civil society and popular control representative in the consumer protection associations with the need to educate citizens about their rights and duties.

In the context of this and only displays all of the exclusion of penalties and fines approved by the Consumer Protection Act has been the issuance of consumer protection and the creation of the consumer in Egypt protect your law, which, in turn, in the implementation of the law where it takes into account the full protection of the consumer requires that the commitment and obligation of each dealer to apply the provisions of this law. In this sense consumer protection device aimed at the preservation and protection of consumers, according to the law, but in the end it serves the interests of all parties in the market it. Overcame every consumer sheltered by law for any commercial corruption exposed will force every dealer and supplier to investigate the accuracy and caution in every product or service offered to consumers, which achieves the required level of standard specifications for each product which is grown in turn, the level of services and local industries. 

And it is in the interest of the consumer first and foremost. With achieving other advantages such as increased competitiveness in the face of foreign markets and this is what we have referred to the application of that law will have many pros in achieving consumer protection while contributing to the growth of the national economy. All that we hope for traders and consumers commitment to this law, which is an important step towards a civilized raise the level of business transactions and achieve the protection and safety of the consumer and the dealer together.