Egypt participates in meetings of international organizations to protect the consumer to discuss contain the effects of the global crisis on the markets.

Alfy: to benefit from the experiences of developed countries in the implementation of control programs on the market
A tribute to the experience of Egypt in the school of practices harmful to consumer rights awareness campaigns via the Internet


Egypt participated in two important meetings of the Committee on Consumer Policy of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the second of the International Network for the application of consumer protection, which they concluded their work on Paris recently with a number of results and important recommendations, the most important to contain the effects of the global crisis on the consumer, said Mr. / happy Alfy President of the Consumer Protection Agency and the head The Egyptian delegation had been bilateral meetings with Member States in the two organizations in order to benefit from their respective experiences in the system of consumer protection, and programs that control the market in light of the global crisis and said that participation in the Committee on consumer policy of the Organization for economic Cooperation and development (OECD) meeting came at the invitation of the organization where they discussed the effects of the global financial crisis on the consumer and the participating countries policy committee to address this crisis, either in the short or long-term term as Member States participated in the preparation of a report on the policies adopted for this purpose in order to provide the final report of the Ministerial Meeting of the Organization for economic Cooperation and development in June next.

Alfy said that the meeting discussed the developments of the project implemented by the members in the field of consumer awareness of the states during the preparation of the rules guiding government agencies at the launch of campaigns and programs to educate the consumer, taking into account the innovations in economic patterns
And its impact on consumer behavior.

  He said that the meeting reviewed the research prepared by the Chairman of the Committee on Consumer Policy Michael Jenkin, which participated by the Member States on the face of international challenges in the field of safety of consumer goods mechanisms results and called for the need for the participation of States in the implementation of programs for the control of markets and to monitor the negative by the models.

He pointed out that Egypt is seeking to join the committee consumer policy Organisation for Economic and Development, which includes 28 countries and cooperation in addition to the four countries under accession, as well as India as an observer. The committee aims to strengthen consumer protection from deceptive practices and research preparation and studies on one of the topics of consumer protection, Member States also involved in programs to coordinate certain positions or to unify efforts to face the challenges of an international or regional consumer Member States.

The prime consumer device to Egypt's participation in the conference semi-annual report of the International Network for the application of consumer protection, which began after the end of the meetings of the Committee on Consumer Policy, referring to Egypt's accession to this international network since 2007 and the number of Member States, up by about 40 countries and interested in enhancing cooperation between government agencies to combat harmful practices and misleading cross international boundaries and that harm consumers as identified on the mechanisms adopted by some countries, such as Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom to assess the use of services and programs offered, were also exchanged some countries policies such as Norway, Canada, Australia towards misleading in advertising and marketing practices.

And Alfy said consumer protection Bmasrastard device awareness campaign in which he participated in the preparation of cooperation with the 18 countries members of the International Network on deceptive practices across
   Online at a number of schools, in addition to providing the necessary support for the seven associations Consumer Protection (Greater Cairo, Alexandria, Lake, East, Beni Suef and Aswan) prepare thirty workshops and seminars to educate both youth centers or Internet cafes and distribution of educational publications to the participants .

  As well as the launch of awareness to the website of the device program all the special topics to your computer and the Internet in English and includes entertainment media to educate teenagers, and being the Arabization of the program to expand to take advantage of it.

   Alfy said that it was agreed to update the database with the Consumer Protection Member States to include legal regulations and executive force and Kmalk guidelines are provided to consumers and businesses to help them comply with the provisions of these regulations, as well as the establishment of a mechanism for the exchange of methods and research methods in the preparation of market studies or survey to organize benefit.

  For his part, Amr Fahim said Executive Director of a consumer protection that Deputy Prime Commercial Federal Agency for Management of America praised the diversity of the campaign launched by the banking system and interest in activating the role of civil societies by reinforcing positive return for the contribution of civil society in consumer awareness. He said that participation in meetings yielded important results to strengthen cooperation with some consumer devices in a number of countries to take advantage of their expertise.

For more information on the campaign launched by the consumer protection awareness about deceptive practices across the Internet Device, click here.

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