TAIEX program

TAIEX is the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument of the European Commission. TAIEX supports public administrations with regard to the approximation, application and enforcement of EU legislation as well as facilitating the sharing of EU best practices. It is largely needs-driven and delivers appropriate tailor-made expertise to address issues at short notice in three ways:
Workshops: EU Member State experts present specific areas of EU legislation in workshops to a large number of beneficiary officials.
Expert missions: EU Member States expert(s) are sent to the beneficiary administration to provide in-depth advice on the transposition, implementation or enforcement of a specific part of EU legislation.
Study visits: a group of three practitioners from a beneficiary administration take part in a study visit to an EU Member State’s administration.
TAIEX assistance is open to:
Civil servants working in central public administrations;
Judiciary and law enforcement authorities;
Parliaments and civil servants working in Parliaments and Legislative Councils;
Representatives of social partners, trade unions and employers’ associations;
TAIEX does not provide direct support to civil society, private citizens or to individual companies.
According to the TAIEX assistance available for Egyptian Judiciary and law enforcement authorities, Egypt collaborated with EU through TAIEX to arrange for a study visit to Hungary


CPA is keen to foster the collaboration with the European Union. The agency on the expansion of cooperation available to take advantage of EU programs, in coordination with the Ministry of International Cooperation. Representative of the device has been involved Conference induction role TAIEX, which is one of the effective technical support provided by the European Union to countries mechanisms, especially after the success of the constructive cooperation between the consumer protection program and device support the Egyptian-European partnership at the Ministry of International Cooperation and the European Commission in Egypt program.


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