Is set dedicated to slaughter donkeys place in coordination with the General Administration for inspecting meat

Is set dedicated to slaughter donkeys place in coordination with the General Administration for inspecting meat

Consumer Protection Agency in a statement issued today on the subject of pictures of donkeys discarded heads near Central first neighborhood in 6th of October City and published on the website of my newspaper Constitution titled "Pictures meals shawarma and Alhawwaoshi contain donkeys heads", as well as on the website of the veto, which triggered a state of alarm among the people, and the majority of citizens.

Mr. / Atef Jacob, Chairman, said consumer protection had been coordinating with the Veterinary Services, headed by Dr. / Osama proper examination of the matter on an urgent basis and to collect information on the deployment. He said Jacob, to the efforts and investigations investigation management system with the General Administration of meat Veterinary Services Authority revealed a Circus famous the region slaughtering donkeys and provided food for black and cast their waste on the roads without following the laws of the Organization for Security mechanisms to get rid of the waste, which displays the health of the Egyptian citizens at risk and this was the source of a common use of such meat in meals and shawarma Alhawwaoshy,

  Stressing that the device continues down what may be published on any harmful practices of the health and safety of consumers and address and refer offenders to the public prosecution pointed Jacob that the campaign resulted in the seizure of one of donkeys slaughtered and Gary outfitted to feed the black There are two others are not slaughtered after the liberation of the minutes of this before Director of the General Administration of Tnvic Dr / Magdy Attia meat and Dr. Sherif Hussein, the chief specialist of Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, and Dr. Tarek Abdel Moneim doctor first managing the inspection and ask a who's circus reported that they are slaughtering donkeys and provided food for animals for circus and reported that cleaning staff is doing disposal of these residues and animal remains.

  Jacob said that the device is taking the necessary measures in cooperation with other regulatory bodies to adjust any products that may impair the health and safety of consumers and the display on the prosecution to take legally required, and stressed the importance of warning consumers of the use of any products prove non-compliance with the specifications and not fit for human use, which represents damage health consumer safety, and physical damage caused to their rights, adding Prime protect your consumer device that attaches great importance to consumer protection

  Especially harmful practices that may be harmful to their health and safety, by adopting a policy of "prevention is better than cure" pursuing proactive measures to educate consumers and alert of some goods or harmful products, after making sure that the information in this regard, in addition to what is to adjust the imitation unknown commodity source before being sold to the consumer.


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