Consumer Protection Agency transmitting agent VW to the public prosecution for not informing device defects discovered one of the models

Consumer Protection Agency transmitting agent VW to the public prosecution for not informing device defects discovered one of the models

In light of the guidance of Dr. / Mohamed Abou Shady, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade to address each Midhar health and consumer safety, and in the context of consumer protection to safeguard the interests of consumers in implementation of the provisions of Law No. 67 of 2006 on consumer protection and strengthen the role of the device in the application of the law and to establish rules and standards your efforts necessary for the maintenance of consumer rights and control the market the company referred the consumer protection device
  Egyptian and commercial Automotive (Under Volkswagen cars in Egypt) to the Department on behalf of Giza due to the lack notified device defects that have been discovered in one car models sold in Egypt.

Mr. / Atef Jacob Head Consumer Protection Agency said that the device may monitor the German Volkswagen recall 2.64 million vehicles, including 800 000 car brand Volkswagen Tiguan models 2008 to 2010 because of a defect in the lighting system, and 239 000 car pickup model Volkswagen Amarok because of problems possible leak in the fuel delivery system, which is a probability of the existence of a threat to the health and safety of consumers from the users of those cars.

And was immediately directed speech to summon chairman of the Egyptian company's business management and Automotive to come to the device to coordinate on the implementation of the calling campaign in existing cars in Egypt applied the provisions of Article VII of the Consumer Protection Act No. 67 of 2006, which obliges the supplier shall notify the device within 7 days of discovery or knowledge of the existence of defect in the product, and in the case if the defect detrimental to the health or safety of the consumer Faltzm supplier that has a device immediately upon discovery or knowledge of him and declare to stop production or deal him and warns consumers not to use the product.

      Jacob pointed out that the company has not committed to inform the device on the prescribed form, which includes a number of statements and actions that must be met to achieve the protection of the consumer and prove the good faith of the manufacturer in accordance with Articles 19.20 of the Regulations of the law, which required the supplier that he or his agent, legal inform device for the product and the product name, address and data importer in the case if the product is imported and the date
Discover the defect with a technical description and careful analysis of the defect and a statement of how to prevent damage or address the effects of it in case it happens.

He Jacob that in light of the company's commitment to the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act has been transferred securities to the public prosecution to take the appropriate Ddalmmthel legal firm for violating the text of articles 1, 7, 24 of the Consumer Protection Act No. 67 of 2006 and articles 19.20 of the Regulations of the Law .


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