Economic Court rules a One Hundred Thousand pounds fine for publishing a misleading ad

Cairo Economic Court passed a verdict on case number 340 of 2015 against Mr. Ahmed Fouad Ahmed. It obliged the said person to pay a fine of one hundred thousand EGP and to bear the expenses of publishing the verdict in two daily widely circulated newspapers. 


Mr. Ahmed , the owner of “Petra Marketing Company” advertised in Akhbar newspaper on 12/01/2015, for a housing project under the name “Abrag Al Wozaraa (Ministers’ Towers)  to sell luxurious flats at a Compound in Nasr City area east of Cairo 

A complaint was submitted at CPA by the Cabinet Staff Association which owns the housing project stating that the title is misleading as it implies that the Association is the advertiser while no flats are available for sale.

Yacoub announced that CPA has investigated the complaint and called for a meeting with the advertising company “Petra Marketing”.  The marketing company clarified that the add is requested by a third party who purchased some units at a public auction and wishes to sell them.

Investigations showed that  the auction winner gave the Association a check for  10% of the required total amount, as per the auction terms and conditions to participate and never paid the rest of the required fees. The association could not even  cash the check  as it was a dishonored check.  The Association informed the Housing Cooperatives Union which proclaimed the auction invalid due to the violation of terms and conditions stipulated at the auction booklet. The auction winner was de-authorized to hold any dealings regarding the said units.    

As far as CPA is concerned, Mr. Ahmed provided a misleading advertisement for urging consumers to believe that the said compound units are affiliated to the Cabinet, to create false credibility, the defendant is criminalized and taken to court.



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