CPA bans an add. for promoting domestic violence

CPA Chairman: the add promotes domestic violence and violates consumer dignity.

In the framework of CPA exerted efforts to protect consumers’ interests by virtue of Consumer Protection Law No. 67 of 2006, Chairman Atef Yacoub stated that CPA decided to ban a TV advertisement for a telecommunication company shown in a number of satellite channels. The add. violated personal dignity and entrenched negative parenting practices. The advertisement features a man on his deathbed slapping his son for requesting to take the unused sim card so as to benefit from the telecommunication company’s offer to reuse old sim cards. 

Yacoub added that the decision to ban the add. came in response to viewers' and Ministry of Social Solidarity complaints. CPA recorded the advertisement at the media Review Unit and the examination proved that the add. violated the standards of advertising No. 4841 of 2005 which states that the dignity, religious values and social traditions of the consumer should be respected. As the advertisement promoted for physical violence and parental abuse which is also a violation of children rights”

The advertising company received a warning notice and was asked to cancel the add. The company cooperated and notified all related satellite channels to stop airing the add.

CPA Chairman affirmed that all economic activities and commercial advertisements are being examined to eliminate any materials harmful to consumers’ rights, particularly personal dignity and religious values, customs, traditions, health and safety.

Yacoub has called upon consumers to assist CPA by reporting any complaints in order to be capable of taking required procedures against violators and to monitor the markets.


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