International Sites important for consumer protection
Supervising food service and safety of one of the agencies and the US Department of Agriculture concerned with public health.
US Consumer Product Safety Authority, one of the federal agencies that are interested family by reducing substances from consumer products in the market and reporting .
Site of the Federal Trade Commission, the Commission for activating many of the consumer protection laws.
And links to a variety of federal sources for consumer protection.
Service provided by the Federal Consumer Information Center, provides private consumer resident in the United States with useful information.
Complex global associations and consumer organizations with more than 260 staff in 120 countries.
Citizens for Health Organization goal of consumer protection and to facilitate the arrival of information on the Safety of natural medicine products.
Public service and a guide to more than 2,000 useful source to the consumer.
Canadian Council for consumers addresses the fundamental rights and responsibilities of consumers in the Canadian market.
Site to compare prices, specifications and availability of goods, shipping requirements and other useful information.
Evaluate businesses and specifications of goods and products with a comparison between the price and shipping expenses.
This site indexing many distinctive sites which provide assessments of goods and products while providing a summary of the consumer.
This site collects tens of thousands of referendums from real customers after they buy from businesses on the Internet to get the impressions of those facilities also provides detailed information for those facilities.
More than 150 thousand evaluation of more than 25 thousand products include a range of specialized sites (more than 17 site) revolves around specific varieties belong to segments of consumers have the same concerns (Web Community)
Traffic Safety Administration on the American highways.
Evaluation of goods and products.

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