Warning of patch number G1505 of the medical product E.S 5ml 3P

Ministry of Health
Central Administration for Pharmaceutical Affairs
Medical Device Regulatory Unit
Department of Inspection

Periodical Publication No. (6) of 2015
Health Affairs Unit
Pharmaceutical Administration

Please seize and store all that can be found at the local markets and governmental units after taking all governmental storing procedures,  of the medical product E.S 5ml 3P of ES Egypt Spain
- Patch number: G1505
- Registration number: 336/2011/1
- Produced by Egypt Spain for Medical Industries, as the products that were found at the pharmacies   included a black powder.  Inspection of the factory and examination of the amounts produced at this patch, a defect was found in the rubber used at the production as it shatters in the syringes and thus mixed with the medicine. 
- Company representative will be handed the seized products, and signs to open the seals in the presence of inspectors from Central Administration for Pharmaceutical Affairs. We should be informed with the amounts seized, the date and place of the seizure. The disposal of seized items should be carried out by a committee including an inspector from the Pharmaceutical Administration.  

Best Regards

Director of   Inspection Department of Medical supplies                      
Dr. Rabab Bahnasawy                                                        

Director of Medical Supplies Unit  
Dr. Hala Goma

Approved by
Head of Central Department for Pharmaceutical Affairs
Dr. Tamer Essam